List of predefined pinhole cameras and zone plate cameras. Any other camera can be used, enter its aperture (range starting at f:1 up to f:1024, with steps.

8banners 4x5
8banners Ma 6x6
8banners Mb 6x12
Auloma Curva 45
Auloma Diva 6x6
Auloma Feris 4x5
Auloma Magnificat 4x5
Auloma Panorama 6x12
Auloma Panorama 6x17
Chroma Cameras Cube
Diana F+
Diana Instant Square
Diana MultiPinhole
Goodman Scura
Goodman Scura 35mm
Harman Titan 110 mm
Harman Titan 150 mm
Harman Titan 72 mm
Harman Titan 8x10
Holga 120 Pinhole
Holga 120 Pinhole Stereo
Holga 120 Pinhole Wide
Holga 135 Pinhole
Horsley Camera Works Panopin
Hydrochrome Sutton Panoramic
Ilford Obscura
Infinie Camera 12
Infinie Camera 6
Infinie Camera 6s
IntrepidBoard (optimized 140mm)
Karlos 121
Karlos 122
Karlos 67-150mm
Karlos 67-90mm
Karlos 79
Karlos 81
Karlos No49/50-105mm
Karlos No49/50-60mm
Kingpin 6x12 Multiformat
Lensless 11x14 150mm - 6" Super Wide Angle
Lensless 11x14 225mm - 9" Wide Angle
Lensless 11x14 450mm - 18" 1:1
Lensless 4x5 150mm
Lensless 4x5 150mm - 6" 1:1
Lensless 4x5 225mm - 9" Telephoto
Lensless 4x5 50mm
Lensless 4x5 50mm - 2" Super Wide Angle
Lensless 4x5 75mm
Lensless 4x5 75mm - 3" Wide Angle
Lensless 5x7 125mm - 5" Wide Angle
Lensless 5x7 200mm - 8" 1:1
Lensless 5x7 300mm - 12" Telephoto
Lensless 5x7 75mm - 3" Super Wide Angle
Lensless 675mm - 27" Telephoto
Lensless 8x10 100mm - 4" Super Wide Angle
Lensless 8x10 150mm
Lensless 8x10 150mm - 6" Wide Angle
Lensless 8x10 300mm - 12" 1:1
Lensless 8x10 450mm - 18" Telephoto
Leonardo 1.5" 4x5
Leonardo 3" 4x5
Leonardo 3" 8x10
Leonardo 6" 4x5
Leonardo 6" 8x10
LeRouge 135
LeRouge 135L
LeRouge 45
LeRouge 612
LeRouge 66
Mia 4x5 35mm
Mia 4x5 50mm
Mia 6x12 Anamorphic
Mia 6x6 10mm
Mia 6x6 20mm
Natasha Handmade 6x6/6x9
Noon 45j/45M
Noon 6x6 FIRST f130
Noon 6x6 NEW 66 f143
Noon 6x6/9/12 f207
Noon 6x6/9/12 f222
Nopo 120
Nopo 135
Nopo PAN135
Ondu 135 Pano (2013)
Ondu 135 Pano (2015)
Ondu 135 Panoramic Pinhole (08/2019)
Ondu 135 Panoramic Pinhole (08/2020)
Ondu 135 Pocket (2015)
Ondu 135 Pocket Pinhole (08/2019)
Ondu 135 Pocket Pinhole (08/2020)
Ondu 35 Pocket (2013)
Ondu 4x5 (2013)
Ondu 4x5 Large Format (08/2019)
Ondu 4x5 Large Format (2015)
Ondu 4x5 Large Format Easy (08/2019)
Ondu 4x5 Large Format Rise (07/2022)
Ondu 4x5 Large Format Rise (08/2019)
Ondu 5x7 Large Format (2015)
Ondu 6x12 (2013)
Ondu 6x12 (2015)
Ondu 6x12 Multiformat (08/2019)
Ondu 6x12 Multiformat (2015)
Ondu 6x12 Rise (08/2019)
Ondu 6x17 Ondurama (08/2019)
Ondu 6x17 ONDURAMA (2015)
Ondu 6x17 Ondurama Rise (08/2019)
Ondu 6x6 Pocket (06/2020)
Ondu 6x6 Pocket (08/2019)
Ondu 6x6 Pocket (2013)
Ondu 6x6 Pocket (2015)
Ondu 6x6 Rise (06/2020)
Ondu 6x6 Rise (08/2019)
Ondu 6x9 (2015)
Ondu 6x9 Classic (08/2019)
Ondu 6x9 Rise (08/2019)
Ondu 8x10 Giant (2015)
Ondu Sliding Box (2013)
Ondu Trifocus 120mm (2015)
Ondu Trifocus 40mm (2015)
Ondu Trifocus 80mm (2015)
P6* (2013)
P6*6 (2013)
Pinhole Blender 120
Pinhole Blender 35
Pinhole Blender 4x5
Pinhole Blender Mini 120
Pinhole Blender mini 35
Pinhole Printed Clipper6x18
Pinhole Printed Flyer6x6
Ranica P126 f:150
Ranica P126 f:200
Ranica P35
Ranica P645 f:150
Ranica P645 f:200
Ranica P66 f:150
Ranica P66 f:200
Ranica P70
Ranica Pramien 23 f:160
Ranica Pramien 23 f:200
Ranica Pramien 23 f:267
Ranica Pramien 45 f:144
Ranica Pramien 45 f:163
Ranica Pramien 45 f:186
Ranica Pramien 45 f:217
Ranica Pramien 45 f:260
Ranica Pramien 45 f:325
Ranica Pramien 57 f:178
Ranica Pramien 57 f:200
Ranica Pramien 57 f:229
Ranica Pramien 57 f:267
Ranica Unum 6x6 f:120
Ranica Unum 6x6 f:150
Ranica Unum 6x6 f:200
RealitySoSubtle 35R
RealitySoSubtle 4x5
RealitySoSubtle 4x5 (early)
RealitySoSubtle 4x5 Z/35mm
RealitySoSubtle 4x5 Z/50mm
RealitySoSubtle 4x5 Z/75mm
RealitySoSubtle 4x5 Z/90mm
RealitySoSubtle 6x12
RealitySoSubtle 6x17
RealitySoSubtle 6x17F
RealitySoSubtle 6x6
RealitySoSubtle 6x6F
RealitySoSubtle 6x9F
RealitySoSubtle 8x10
Robert Rigby 4x5 50mm
Robert Rigby 4x5 90mm
Robert Rigby 8x10 150mm
Robert Rigby 8x10 200mm
Robert Rigby 8x10 250mm
Sharan STD-35e
Sharan wide-35 Panoramic
Spiral 45
Spiral 45-poly
Spiral 66
Sténoflex Minilab
Stenopeika 100 instant
Stenopeika 135 multiformato
Stenopeika 4x5 40mm
Stenopeika 4x5 65mm
Stenopeika 4x5 90mm
Stenopeika 612 multiformato
Stenopeika 618
Stenopeika 6x6 multiformato
Stenopeika 6x9 multiformato
terraPIN 6x6 18mm
terraPIN 6x6 25.4mm
terraPIN 6x6 35mm
terraPin 6x6 50mm
terraPin 6x9
terraPin ACE MeFOTO
terraPin ACME Lego
terraPin ACME Wicker 120
terraPin Box Turtle 35mm
terraPin Box Turtle 75mm
terraPin Kaiju 6x18
terraPin OSKAR 120
terraPIN Oskar 120
terraPIN OsKar 6x9
terraPin OSKAR Tex 120
Thingify 26mm Mirrorless 0.1mm
Thingify 26mm Mirrorless 0.25mm
Thingify 26mm Mirrorless 0.2mm
Thingify 26mm Mirrorless 0.35mm
Thingify 26mm Mirrorless 0.3mm
Thingify 26mm Mirrorless 0.5mm
Thingify 26mm Mirrorless 0.8mm
Thingify 50mm DSLR 0.1mm
Thingify 50mm DSLR 0.25mm
Thingify 50mm DSLR 0.2mm
Thingify 50mm DSLR 0.35mm
Thingify 50mm DSLR 0.3mm
Thingify 50mm DSLR 0.5mm
Thingify 50mm DSLR 0.8mm
Thingify Pro S DSLR
Thingify Pro S Mirrorless
Thingify Pro X DSLR @40mm
Thingify Pro X DSLR @60mm
Thingify Pro X Mirrorless @18mm
Thingify Pro X Mirrorless @36mm
Vermeer 35mm 24x18
Vermeer 35mm panoramic24x65
Vermeer 4x5
Vermeer 5x7
Vermeer 612
Vermeer 612 ultrawide
Vermeer 618
Vermeer 66
Vermeer 69 24mm
Vermeer 69 34mm
Vermeer 69 40mm
Vermeer 8x10
Vermeer Anamorphic Mk. 2
Werner 45 vertical shift
Werner 45 vertical shift Active
Werner 45 vertical shift Yellowfilter
Werner 4x5
ZeroImage 135
ZeroImage 135 zoneplate
Zeroimage 2000
Zeroimage 2000 zoneplate
ZeroImage 4x5 25B
ZeroImage 4x5 25B zoneplate
ZeroImage 4x5 50B
ZeroImage 4x5 50B zoneplate
ZeroImage 4x5 75B
ZeroImage 4x5 75B zoneplat
ZeroImage 612B
ZeroImage 612B zoneplate
ZeroImage 612F
ZeroImage 612F zoneplate
Zeroimage 618
Zeroimage 618 zoneplate
Zeroimage 69

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Kurt Mottweiler