Reciprocity+, an iOS App for calculating long exposures with filters and reciprocity

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eciprocity+ : photo tool, for calculating long exposure, for digital and analog photography. Are you tired of mentally multiplying exposure time with yor ND3+ND8 filters, and then adding reciprocity failure rate ? Reciprocity + is for you :

• 29 Filters : CTO, CTB, Green series, ND serie and more

• 30 Reciprocity charts included. :
• A chart adapted from Jim Shull's The Hole Thing
• Two charts for RC photo paper ,
• 400TX,TMX,TMY,HP5+,100 Delta (source APUG forums)
• max 400, T max 100,TRiX & Plus 125, Ilford films (Without Lenses website )
• Official Ilford films.
• Ektachrome, Fujichrome, Agfachrome and + from "Using the View Camera".
• Arista films (courtesy of David Aimone)
• Ilford Pan F, Fuji FP100, Fuji Neopan 100 ACROS, Ektar 100
• and more.

• and a timer, of course. You can leave the app, no matter what you do, the timer will notify you when the exposure is over.

En anglais et en français.

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